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Just breathe

Includes a good link to an article about breathing and calmness.

Optimistic about the possibility of adapting to near-futures turmoil and political stresses.

“Because while I believe it is inevitable that humanity will cross this transition, it is not inevitable that all of us will. These turning points have generally been bloody and violent. But this time, we have tools and insights that may greatly reduce the suffering.

If we marshal ALL our forces and unleash them in meaningful ways.

If we work against the common enemy, today raising its head from the Authoritarian Right and Left and seeking to divide us, we have the tools to rapidly route around a lot of the damage they are doing. In this transition, success will not be driven by top-down processes of authority but by bottom-up approaches using distributed democracy.

While at this moment in the transition, it might be worthwhile to disconnect ourselves from those who anxiety prevents them from listening so we can more easily marshal our forces, at some point we have to figure out ways to re-incorporate them.”

I would have liked to have seen the list of tools and methods that the author thinks will “rapidly route around a lot of the damage they are doing”.

They are probably described in other posts of the blog. I will find out.

A Man With A Ph.D.

(This started as a comment on a Facebook thread. I wanted to memorialize it on my own blog).

TL:DR – Uncertainty is one of the main forces that prevents people from thinking deeply and analytically. Hard to reduce that today. But we will.
(yes, I realize that Facebook is not the best place for this long reply but Joe Brewer alway brings out my didactic side 😉


Start by taking a deep breath. Hold it for two beats then let it out slowly. Now take another one.

Uncertainty makes it very difficult for many people to move out of System 1, meme or heuristic modes of cognition. Even those who easily drop into System 2, analytic or systemic modes (which I would posit are most of us on this thread  ) can find it hard when we are anxious. When we have circumstances like today, when even people of good…

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Part Three

A report of the kinds of visual effects sometimes seen by non-voyaging people around people who are voyaging hard.

Itinerantdaughter's Blog

Sorry it’s taken so long to get here!

“Found Jeanne, my eight-year-old, asleep in Suzie Blue’s room on the top floor, her hair full of pincurls.  She had been planning on a dazzling and glamorous entrance at dinner time.  I woke her just enough to ask if she wanted to come on downstairs and join the festivities.  But just at this point, Ted Cook, who had been captured in the ruined formal garden behind the ‘meditation house’ was standing among the extra turkeys in the butler’s pantry, alternately shouting horrifically in some abrupt, violent fright, and murmuring beatific nonsense at those who were trying to calm him.  Jeanne listened to the noises from downstairs for a while, and decided judiciously to stay where she was.  She asked me to bring her a dinner, which I painfully did, handling cape and gown and tray most clumsily on the stairs.  She and…

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Searching for CC and public domain images for Eleusis and related keywords, I ran across this Psychedelic Psychedelia

Most of this piece seems to be about psychedelics and music, and is pretty predictable, but, in the context of my search, it caught my eye, and so to preserve it, and not lose it in the emptiness of bookmarks never revisited, I decided to toss it here – with the addition of a few images brought up in my search for legal to use Eleusinian Mysteries images.

INterview with Patrick Lundborg of, author of the Acid Archives (2010) and Psychedelia (2012)


In the 20th century we began what I call ‘the short cycle’ of Psychedelia which began with peyote and mescaline experiments in the 1890s-1920s, then really took off with Hofmann’s discovery of LSD. The short cycle reached a peak in terms ofpopular attention in the late 1960s, then went into a quiet mode during the 1970s and 80s, and then it was revitalized in the early 1990s, with Terence McKenna replacing Tim Leary, and drugs like DMT, ayahuasca and psilocybin replacing LSD. Although ‘60s Psychedelia has been given much more attention, I believe the 1990s scene is just as important. The situation today is that the hedonistic spirit of the 1990s is very much alive, especially here in Europe, but it’s underground and deliberately low-profile. My book opens with the observation that more people are taking psychedelic drugs today than any other time – and that includes the psychedelic ‘60s. In short, Psychedelia is alive and well, and people involved have understood to keep outsiders at a distance. Today, you can go and see a movie like Avatar, parts of which are completely drenched in psychedelic ideas – there was even an ayahuasca drug ritual in that movie, though it was left out of the final cut. The commercially biggest movie of all time looks like it was made by someone who has been smoking DMT for several years – that’s good proof that psychedelic culture not only lives,but may in fact be expanding.


Psychedelic culture has been a permanent undercurrent in Western society since ancient times. This is what I call ‘the long cycle’ of Psychedelia. Psychedelic culture is built upon two fundamental pillars: the direct, personal experience of a higher world, and a celebration of our everyday existence in light of this experience. Both these elements go directly against the dogmas and hierarchies of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. During certain times this alternative culture rises to the surface and becomes influential on society at large, which is what happened in ancient Greece at the time of the Great Mystery rites in Eleusis, where thousands of people gathered each year to drink a psychedelic  brew (an organic variant of LSD) and spend an extraordinary night of visions and emotional bonding – kind of like an early Acid Test! 



This image above was what drew me to the article – someone had made a hand colored copy of a famous relief fragment now at The Met. “Demeter, the goddess of agricultural abundance, stands at the left, clad in a peplos and himation (cloak) and holding a scepter. At the right is Persephone, her daughter and the wife of Hades, the god of the underworld. She is dressed in a chiton and himation. Each goddess extends her right hand toward a nude youth, but it is no longer possible to determine what they held.  The boy is thought to be Triptolemos, who was sent by Demeter to teach men how to cultivate grain.“. This image (wikimedia commons)


It’s worth your time, I’d say, to go to the met site and use their very high res viewer to take a look at the best image of this relief that you will ever see anywhere.

The article continues – nothing revolutionary for you and I perhaps, but, still – with a bit more on “the long cycle of psychedelics”.

All the famous philosophers and even Roman emperors took part in this ritual, which had a profound influence on the Greek-Roman culture that our Western world is built on. Another high-point for this alternative culture was the Italian Renaissance, where the heritages of Athens and Rome were rediscovered, and for a century or so this heritage raised more interest than the familiar Christian dogmas. Later in history one can identify singular individuals with an obvious relevance to Psychedelia, such as William Blake and his mentor-opponent Emanuel Swedenborg. In the early 20th century, psychedelic drugs entered Western society again, and this began ‘the short cycle’ that I describe above. The long cycle of Psychedelia will continue as long as mankind exists, while the future and duration of the short cycle currently going on is something for each modern psychedelicist to consider.
And, so as to pour a libation of kykeon – I Fell, I Looked, I Arose – I offer these. All Wikimedia Commons, CC.

Genrich Ippolitovich Semiradsky – Roma, 1889 – Phryne on the Poseidon’s celebration in Eleusis.


By Macron (Marie-Lan Nguyen (2011)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Goddess performing a libation.


Buckminster Fuller, one of the brilliants who taught me how to use my brain and minds – a signifier

I was looking thru the internet to see if anyone had quickly available a few of the lines written by Bucky Fuller that had huge, paradigm rstructuring impact on the way I think, how i think about thinking, and the relatively uncommon ways I use my minds (note the plural), intelligences, and the body which hosts them.

So far I have not found those particular quotes, paragraphs, and stories. I may have to go to paper, and write them out myself, as a signifier and signal, to those who will find them useful in the future.

In the meantime, here are a few quotes, a preamble to the signal, bait for the elven and the edge.

“Most importantly we have learned that from here on it is success for all or none, for it is experimentally proven by physics that “unity is plural and at minimum two” – the complementary but not mirror-imaged proton and neutron. You and I are inherently different and complimentary. Together we average as zero – that is, as eternity.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

“The universe is non-simultaneously apprehended”
Richard Buckminster Fuller


“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller
“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller

If, when you hear the name “Buckminster Fuller”, you think first of the geodesic dome and fullerenes, you have been cheated and robbed. Geodesic structures were one of his little things, a simple application of a way of thinking.

It is the way of thinking that was his great discovery, and we have mostly lost it.

You could find it again, you know. It’s not at all difficult to master. All you need do is try it. It starts working almost instantaneously.

Do you dare? Go to the paper.

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As fate has it, I am helping an old friend revive an old old website,

This is the "The Sorcerer": from the original letter/article by the Abbe Breuil, the grand old man of Cro-Magnon art studies.

This is the “The Sorcerer”: from the original letter/article by the Abbe Breuil, the grand old man of Cro-Magnon art studies.

As fate has it, I am helping an old friend revive an old old website,

You know how it happens, one event leads to another, there is a small change in one’s typical patterns leads to a sudden flurry of interaction, and from that, because now “the time is ripe”, an old homeostasis is tipped into a new flow, and some new thing fires up like a launched missle.

(In this case, something happened that lead me to start watching my facebook news feed, something I usually avoid, because I don’t want that particular collective to overly influence the other things I write in various facebook groups – block out the feedback, and I write and conduct experiments without that thought “what if so-and-so sees this…” arising to contaminate my mental workspace. Whatever, right – I scanned my news feed one day, and a post about a new text for Transpersonal Psychology led me to start to write.)

One of my alternate self structures is a web developer and internet marketing consultant. I had been working all day on this and that, wordpress and databases and content writing and blah blah. That personality was charged up, grabbed my hands, and typed something elaborate that condensed down to “dammit let me fix that fucking website, it’s been driving me crazy for years”.

The magic words… And soon the keys were in my webdev geek memory, and I could play.,

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Do you want to go to Jupiter?

Tales inspired by ayawaska. (yes I know everybody spells it ayahuasca.) Darwin’s Pharmacy backstory…


Another leak, by popular demand, from By The Grace of Gaia: A Journey Through Psychedelics and Beyond

Do You Want to Go to Jupiter?
Cascading alien cities of obviously sacred geometry shimmered forth in a palette dominated by magenta. Spiral cathedrals that worshipped themselves as evolutionary technologies asked me to visit them as if featured in brochures of galactic tourism. “Wander the Amazing Sentient Crystal City Grown From Self Aware Amethyst! Participate in Ancient Reptile Architectural Re-Enactments, Climb the Self Healing Ruins of the Cosmically Famous Reverberating Quartz Nautilus That Speaks Itself Echoing Into the Future!” The buzzing blooming confusion of the Amazonian night chimed in from without, confirming the alien solicitation. “Do you want to go to Jupiter?!”

But as the unspeakably gorgeous kaleidoscope of extraterrestrial architecture continued to turn, a comically enormous wave of certainty welled up and burst forth from within me. Finally I responded to the…

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Work close to the bull

work close to the bull

“Stephen Dedalus was not Joyce, and Herzog was not Bellow, and Zuckerman was not Roth, and Marcel was not Proust; writers had always worked close to the bull, like matadors, had played complex games with autobiography, and yet their creations were more interesting than themselves.”

Salmon Rushdie Advice For Writers – applies to any edge explorer as well.

Verification of identity

Thank you Cole for creating the gift of a sacred fire.
Fires are important, prayer is important.
“One fire, one life, one death, one universe.”
Some of you know me, many don’t. But, either way, I am going to suggest that it is getting to be time for the people of knowledge to get together more often, and do our work.
I intend to continue to suggest this, and do things to make it possible, to make it more likely that the people of knowledge will come together, to see each other, and as they choose, to work.
What happens, happens.
Prayer is important, fire is important.
Bill xxxxxxx
cat spirit, watch over this cat.