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Aurora’s Dance, fractal master piece.

An artist I have known for some time, since the halcyon days of Zaadz, just released a new piece which I think is particularly striking, the current final piece in a long series of striking fractal art.

It came up on one of my feeds, and I stared at it for quite some time. I decided to go grab the link and post it.

Keep in mind, it’s just the math that made this. This is not photoshop, not a construction. I don’t understand much about the way the fractal generation tools are used to make something like this, but, I gather it takes a long process of trial and error, of exploring beautiful oddities and mistakes and learning how to use them intentionally, days, months, and years of practicing with the tools until you operate them intuitively. This is so far beyond mandelbrots and the early fractal forms that they don’t seem like they could be connected.

But they are.

Art Prints

Sell Art Online2015-01-18 04_34_48-Aurora's Dance by Amorina Ashton - Aurora's Dance Digital Art - Aurora's Dance F

You should go look at it in a larger size. It’s worth the click, if you like that kind of thing.

By comparison, a mandelbrot:

Still pretty amazing, true enough. This one is from wikicommons mandelbrot zoom set.

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